➢ The duties of the Haj Committee shall be to collect and disseminate information useful to pilgrims, and to arrange orientation and training programmes for pilgrims.

➢ To advise and assist pilgrims during their stay at the embarkation point in India, while proceeding to or returning from pilgrimage, in all matters including vaccination, inoculation, medical inspection, issue of pilgrim passes and foreign exchange, and to liaise with the local authorities concerned in such matters.

➢ To give relief to pilgrims in distress.

➢ To finalise the annual Haj plan with the approval of Central Haj Committee and execute the plan, including the arrangements for travel by air or any other means, and to advice in matters relating to accommodation.

➢ To coordinate with the Central Haj Committee, Mumbai, State Government, Railways, Airways for the purpose of securing travelling facilities for pilgrims.

➢ To generally look after the welfare of the pilgrims.

➢ To discharge such other duties in connection with the Haj as may be prescribed by the Central Haj Committee.

➢ It shall be the duty of the State Haj Committee to implement the policy and directions of the Committee in the interest of Haj pilgrims.

➢ The State Haj Committee Shall provide assistance to the Haj Pilgrims including in the matter of their transport between their homes states and the point of exit from India and their transit accommodation at points of exit.

➢ The State Haj Committee shall discharge such other duties in connection with Haj as may be prescribed by the State Government concerned, in consultation with the Central Haj Committee.